Book release party in Frisco, Texas

Phew! I did it – my first book release party for my first book, Cutter Frisco – Growing Up on the original Southfork Ranch. I have to say it was a standing-room-only affair at the Depot in the Frisco Heritage Center. Even though the building had a fire rated capacity of 125 we managed to stuff 168 people inside. It was just a great evening for me and I was thrilled to be introduced by my ‘ole friend Connie Tadlock Yates (who lived on the Box Ranch with her family back in the ’60’s).

The main message I tried to get across was the unique importance of the Brinkmann Ranch to the future of Frisco and therefore the Dallas area, much of which has to do with its location and size.  The Brinkmann Ranch today is a 2,500 acre contiguous tract situated at the northeast crossroads of Preston Rd. and Main Street in Frisco.

Another significant element has to do with the fact that the property is a genuine landmark, not so much because of the Dallas TV series (although that certainly did nothing to hurt it) but because of the intangible nature of the property as well.  The point that I tried to hammer home is that Dallas did not make the Brinkmann Ranch (the old Box Ranch) a landmark: it already was a landmark.  After the producers for Lorimar Production Co. took one look at it, they said, “hey, we want that landmark to be the Southfork Ranch”.

I took questions from the audience following the 45 minute presentation but from the look on their faces, I could see they wanted more of the story.  Of course, I wish I had written Cutter Frisco a long time ago but I think it happened at the right time for the right reason.  In all honesty, the biggest kick out of it is that I’ve gotten is to reconnect with so many old friends from the past and, of course, made many new ones.  This alone has made all the effort to write it (ove it took me to write the book (over a year).

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