Benefits of a Family Business Advisor

Family Business Continuity

Perhaps the biggest challenge that family-owned businesses face is generational continuity.
The well-known statistics report that only about 30 percent of family businesses will survive beyond the founding generation. From the second to the third generation only about 10 percent of family firms will survive. By ensuring that effective succession plans are in place, a consulting engagement with Box Family Advisors can contribute to the long-term success of your family enterprise.

It is also well known that companies owned and managed by families can create both positive and negative outcomes. When functioning properly, family businesses can exhibit a level of performance and growth that nonfamily firms yearn for but seldom achieve. When not working well, families can create levels of tension, anger, confusion and despair that can irreparably damage not only the business but also the family. With proper planning and effective structures in place, Box Family Advisors can help you develop the strategies needed to minimize or prevent many of these issues from surfacing in the first place.

Collaboration is Key

Family business consulting is an interdisciplinary field, drawing on a variety of professions such as law, finance, management science and behavioral science. The process of working with family-based firms often requires the collaboration of specialists from a variety of fields in order to produce the best results. Box Family Advisors has the expertise to manage the collaborative process that families often need. We can also work with your existing team of advisors to complement and strengthen their efforts.

Why Box Family Advisors

Our objective is to ensure the transition of the business from one generation to the next... | more

Families in business together need a sophisticated and experienced veteran of family business who understands not only the basics of family business but also the nuances. I come to this area of practice from a ‘been there – done that’ perspective. I understand the intricacies of family business because that is where I came from and that is who I am.

Douglas D Box, Family Business Advisor