About Doug Box

Douglas D. Box formed Box Family Advisors, LLC in 2005 and began consulting with a wide variety of privately-held, family based firms. Son of legendary oilman and entrepreneur Cloyce K. Box, Doug worked in a family business all of his life, learning the oil & gas and cement businesses from the ground up.

When his father (who was then the CEO of the publicly traded company) died suddenly, a family ordeal that would last four years ensued. As president of the family holding company, Doug led the sale of the family oil and gas firm under heavily-conflicted circumstances.
Recognizing an unfulfilled need from his family’s experience, Doug has made a commitment to help families who work together to achieve the best possible results.

As a result of his vast personal knowledge of family business, Mr. Box has a unique perspective and compassion that families in business together need to succeed, making him an excellent candidate for family business consulting. Doug graduated from the University of Texas at Austin. and holds an MBA with honors from Baylor University. In April 2011 he received a Master of Arts from the SMU Center for Conflict Management and Dispute Resolution. He has been a member of the Family Firm Institute since 2005 and has received the FFI Certificate in Family Business Advising.


Photos of some of Doug Box's speaking engagements at Baylor University and Southern Methodist University.

Why Box Family Advisors

Our objective is to ensure the transition of the business from one generation to the next... | more

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to help family-based firms manage the inevitable changes and complex challenges involved in running a family business such as succession planning, role conflicts and communication problems.